Questions before ordering my first Fanatec products

Hi all, I'm new in this subreddit and also quite new to the sim world.

I'm thinking about replacing my Logitech G29 with something better and I have set my sights on the DD pro bundle for as a start. I do not have a sim rig and probably won't be able to get one in the forseeable future either.

I do want a clutch pedal, but I'm a bit torn between getting the clutch pedal kit or the loadcell kit, since I don't have a sim rig I will be forced to have the pedals on the floor and I'm worried the pedalset will move around alot if I get the loadcell brakes. The solution I use at the moment with my G29 pedals is a weird one, I have placed the pedals on a thin yoga mat and they stay where I put them but going for a loadcell setup might be pushing it??

Does anyone have experience from using the CSL Pedals with the loadcell kit on the floor?


  • The DD Pro bundle comes with a clutch pedal so no issue there. As for the load cell it takes a lot of force to use so there's no way it'll stay put on a yoga mat.

    Do you play on a TV or at a desk? I use mine with the TV and have the DD + load cell set up on a Playseat Challenge , albeit one modified to brace the wheel deck and with a new pedal deck and chassis connectors from Lowdown Shifter.

  • As you're already considering spending a decent chunk of change for the DD Pro bundle, I'd highly recommend budgeting for just a bit more and considering at least some sort of entry-level wheel stand or collapsible rig like the aforementioned Playseat to go along with it.

    I have a CSL DD 8Nm that i use with a set of Clubsport V1 pedals (with a load cell), attached to an old Fanatec Rennsport wheel stand (purchased over 10 years ago).

    (Not my actual equipment, this is just to show the stand). Super basic, but it fits my needs. I play while sitting on a sofa in front of my TV. The stand has a metal bar that goes in front of the pedals to keep them from sliding forward, and I've put a thin cloth tie-down around the front of the pedals to keep them from popping up under hard braking. Works perfectly, and is simple enough where I can move it all out of the way if I need to, when I'm done.

    You should be able to find something similar in the 150-200 dollar range.

  • Well, let’s see… I still have a Wheel stand Pro, I’ve used it years ago with the Microsoft Wheelbase and pedal set for Xbox 360…. Great for that use but that’s it, I would not think about it for use with any other wheelbase, save your money towards something different, and I’d also avoid Playseat Challenge or Evolution.

    I had one Playseat Evolution and it had served me well but, again, save your money for a proper rig, s a v e your money, trust me.

    Unless you need something discrete or are short with space, trust me, save your money.

    I had the chance to get a proper profile rig and man, night and day, night and day (loop as many times you like).

    There’s no chance you can use the pedal on the floor but you can set up the wheelbase on a desk against the wall and do the same for the pedal set; against the wall. A friend did that, waiting for a final setup with a rig, spending almost nothing and saving money.

    He did mount the pedal set on a wood base (2 wood pieces) at an angle to reduce the strain, against the wall, not an issue.

    I suggest you to do the same and spend nothing on something that you gonna replace sooner than later, unless you lose interest in playing race games or very occasionally.

    I’m not regretting the Playseat purchase I did 5 years ago but If I’m gonna to give an advice is only this one based on my experience: save money.

    If you plan to buy a DD base and stuff you’re not going cheap, so… again, save money.

    First time I sat in my new rig and played for an hour or two I almost cried, playing and laughing and overall being overwhelmed by the galactic difference in terms of stability, stiffness, vibrations, flex…and so on.

    If you have a dedicated space or plan to reserve some, the best thing you can do is to think about a proper simrig; no rush, wait until you save the money for a good one but in the meantime don’t throw money here and there.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not showing off, I’ve tried different solutions and because of that I’m writing this.


  • What do you mean "solved"? Perhaps you could share what you have done/ plan on doing?

  • You’re too kind Gregg, I don’t even bother and is still hard for me to grasp why people acting this way.

    Too many are asking for help, people come in to actually help or try to do so, and then it’s “solved”, “fixed” or else and nothing else.

    Meaning they don’t really care about the fact that an actual explanation could be beneficial for many others.

    Maybe I’m too harsh, yes, but here we’re not even talking about some issues to be solved, so my level of “whatever” went to 999% immediately after reading the laconic “solved”.

    Like people who are clearly not bothered about reading instructions or warnings or using whatever is being put at disposal in the Fanatec website in terms of products manuals.

    They probably use google to search for trash only, and in all other situations they become helpless or worse and do forget about the “basics”.

    Hilarious indeed. ☺️

    Yes, I’m too harsh.

    Have a good one Gregg, you’re a very nice guy!.

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