CSL Elite wheelbase lights turning off immediately after start up

I was testing out my CSL elite wheelbase the other day despite having a broken brake pedal, and all was working well until I wanted to try out Fanalab.

I first installed v328 drivers for the CSL elite as that was recommended on the product page. Fanalab required v352 so I found the beta drivers and installed v365. I rebooted my computer to finalise the driver install and after suddenly the lights on the wheelbase and steering wheel turned off. I could still slightly hear some noise coming from the wheelbase, it might have been the fans. There was also still some resistance when turning the wheel, so it felt like the FFB was still on or something, just the lights weren't on and the buttons on the wheel weren't working either.

I uninstalled the v365 drivers and reinstalled v328 but I still can't get it to work.

Any idea what I've done and if I can fix it?


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