My causes disruption in my household! CSL DD

I’ve had a Fanatec CSL DD for around 6 months. I use a Next Level Racing F-GT with VR for my gaming experience. The sim rig lives in my bedroom which is upstairs in my house.

When I first got my sim racing wheel, it was causing major disruption and was very noticeable downstairs. The vibrations and jolts from the force feedback are vibrating the floor which means a lot of noises are heard downstairs as a result of the wheel.

I have tried putting my F-GT on shock absorbing/sound proof pads too but it really doesn’t seem to make any difference.

I’ve been playing Assetto Corsa on 50% FFB and honestly the wheel feels super light and so easy to turn, nothing like real life. Anything above 50% causes jolts and vibrations as so much as driving over a different part of the road which isn’t tarmac. I’m not bothered by getting any feedback from the track, I just want a wheel with more resistance than 50% FFB.

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