Less Force Feedback torque with podium hub/ r300 wheel than f1 2019 steering wheel

I purchased the podium hub with button module endurance and Porsche 911 GT3 rim.

After mounting and configuration of the wheel, I started first try in Raceroom. I recognized that the podium hub with gt3 rim has much less torque than with same settings and my F1 2019 rim.

'With f1 2019 rim I am not able to drive with 100% force feedback. With podium hub and gt3 rim I feel nearly nothing from force feedback effects. Settings now 100% in game and in tuning menu.

My wheel base is CSL Elite 2.5. Drivers are up to date.

Any suggestion how to get my known strength back as I am used to have with F1 2019 rim.



  • You may just feel the difference in diameter between 270 mm ClubSport Formula wheel and 320 mm Porsche steering wheel, which will have a major impact on the strength of the FFB.

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    This was my first thought too. But is it realy such a huge loss of torque force for only 50 mm of diameter. Incredible.

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    I would say yes on a base like you use.

    Don’t forget your new wheel is also much heavier, also not helping FFB. So larger diameter, higher weight combined can have a big impact.

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