Clubsport Pedals V3 Brake stuttering input signal


I received my V3 Pedals a few days ago, but when I press the brake for example for 50% the input signal is jumping between 45%-55%. I've recorded the input on the Fanatec control panel and pressed the throttle as well for comparison The pedals are connected to a CSL DD via RJ12. I've updated the firmware, changed to brake performance kit, checked the cabling on the pedals and used the Lithium grease but without success.

Anyone has some idea?

Thank you in advance


  • Try the newest driver which has a new firmware with a fix for exactly this behaviour implemented.

    If even that new firmware does not fix the issue then it's a hardware issue of the LC.

  • 😑 stupid me. I relied on the "check for update" in the fanatec control panel, but it did not show a new version. Downloaded new one from website and updated drivers + firmware and now it's working.

    Thank you

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