Wheel base has 2 profiles

I've been having this issue for a while and can't find a solution.

My CSW V2.5 has 2 profiles in the control panel. I thought this might be due to the fact that my V3 pedals are connected to the base. No real biggie, except that some games tend to switch between those 2 profiles. (Sometimes each startup and sometimes it takes a while before it switches again)

Whenever this happens I have to remap the controls and this is becoming a nuisance. Some games provide an option to save several profiles, which helps. But the switch is only apparent once I'm ready to start driving.

What could be the cause and the solution?


  • This is normal for every Fanatec Base since 8 years or so.

    It's due to a Windows limitation of maximum supported buttons and Inputs with 1 USB device ID and as Fanatec Wheel are so advanced that they use more than the supported max supported buttons it's needed to have two USB device IDs.

    When a game picks one or the other ID then it's caused by using a different USB Port everytime or by using a USB Hub. Both is not recommended because Windows reorganizes the USB entries then everytime which then leads to your issue where the game picks either one of the entries without consistency.

    So make sure to not use a USB Hub and always use the same USB Port on your Motherboard.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I'm not using a HUB and the USB port is always the same. Can there be another cause?

  • Dont know of any other reason...

    Something is wrong with your Windows then.

  • I had the same problem in the first months of using the CSL DD. Every time I had to reconfigure the games from scratch. After a few months the problems got worse and resulted in constant USB disconnections while driving.

    I believe that there are USB disconnections when the PC is turned off or on, so the Fanatec device changes its ID.

    I solved all problems by buying a PCI Express card with 2 extra USB ports, which I use to connect wheelbase.

    However, you can make 2 distinct configurations for each game, and switch when the active one doesn't work, as if you had 2 distinct peripherals.

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