V3 pedals

Good afternoon.

i have this problem:

I installed WRC G. I start playing everything works fine. I restart the computer I start playing again and the pedals vibration does not work. I uninstall the game and reinstall and everything works again and so on. Does anyone have a solution?



  • How are your pedals connected? USB? Do you use a USB hub when connecting either your wheel or pedals?

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    i was playing on xbox and i wanted to try it on pc but i only have a laptop with one usb port. I have an adapter with 2 usb ports connected to my laptop an then i have the base wheel and the pedals connected in the adapter. Is that the problem?

  • Assuming the pedals are connected to your base via RJ-12 while you're playing on xbox, otherwise they wouldn't be working there either.

    So the only thing you need to do when playing on PC is simply plug the wheelbase in to the PC via USB. You don't need to change anything with the pedals.

    One thing to be aware of is that you should NEVER have both the RJ-12 cable and a USB cable connected to your pedals at the same time, as it can damage the circuitry. Only ever one or the other, never both.

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    Thanks. That was it. I dont how i managed to read somewere that on pc, both, wheel and pedals, must be connected to the pc.

  • You CAN connect both through USB to a PC, but most people prefer to connect to the base so as to not tie up an extra USB port. Only time you'd really need to connect the pedals via USB would be if you were using a non-Fanatec wheel base.

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