does anyone know when fanatec will be back in business ?

Fanatec needs to put out something ? I heard they were putting out some new stuff in 2023 , Does anyone know whats going on ? I want to upgrade from my 2.5 and V3 and Ive been waiting for Fanatec to come out with some new or even products to buy. Its been a long time waiting now. The others are putting out stuff to buy , but nothing from Fanatec ???? Not gonna wait forever at some point , Im gonna have to go elsewhere !


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    What exactly do you want?

    For Bases they released the CSL DD in late 2021 and in March 2022 they launched the GT DD.

    For Pedals they released the CSL Elite V2 in September 2022.

    And for Wheels they launched the the ClubSport F1 Esports V2 in February 2022, the Podium BMW M4 GT3 in March 2022 and the CSL P1 V2 in late 2022.

    So all this was released fairly recently. Remember that they were still MASSIVELY affected by the worldwide chip-crisis where they did not had any stock, especially for wheel bases, but luckily this is now somewhat over and the whole stock situation will go back to "in stock" by Q2. First Base to be back on stock will be the GT DD next month.

    Because of the stock situation they even had a massive discount running on their Podium F1 Racing Wheel Bundle and for Black Friday also for the Podium DD2.

    For 2023 they already announced they want to release the QR2, the Podium Bentley Wheel and the Podium Button Module Rally.

    So they will put out "something" in the near future as they also did in the past and they are still full in business.

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    its been a while , 2021 is a long time ago my friend. We need something to buy or upgrade. The Bentley isnt for most of us either lol $$$

    Love fanatec gear , just want to upgrade from my great 2.5 and v3 . thats all . Give me something to buy ! lol

  • nope sold out just like everything else

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    I see what's happening here.

    Who knows?

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