McLaren GT3 V2 rim grip flexing.

The left side grip on my GT3 rim has started to flex. Feels like it's eventually going to break off. I've reported, at least I think I have, the problem to Fanatec support and enclosed video. I've had no feedback, it has been a few days, from Fanatec not even an acknowledgment that the report has been sent. Not even an automated reply.

When you click send report button there is no notification report has been sent or that a ticket has been opened. I know the site says don't open up second ticket but I have as not sure if an initial ticket has been opened.

The rim is under a year old, warranty runs out June 2024.


  • So Fanatec have got back to me and we have had several emails back and forth. Looks to me as if they want me to post the wheel back to their workshop and then they will decide whether it can be repaired and whether they will honour the warranty. As I understand it I will be liable for package and postage. If they won't repair it under warranty I would be charged just over $60 an hour. I don't think the wheel is repairable. The person who I've been dealing with also says from the video and photos I've sent it looks like it has been dropped. It hasn't.

    So I'm worried that I pay to send it over to Fanatec's workshop and they decide it's not fixable and then I've spent more money on this.

    The wheel is only 7 months old and hasn't been dropped or abused.

  • Sent the rim back to Fanatec workshop and got a speedy response. They have agreed to replace my wheel with a "mint " wheel, which I assume is a second hand/ slightly used wheel in A1 condition. So happy with that and resolved more quickly than I expected. Wheel to arrive tomorrow.

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