ClubSport V2.5 Availability Still Says June 12th on the website. One problem - It's June 13th

14 hours past June 12th in the United States. 20 hours past June 12th in Germany. And the Fanatec website still says Clubsport V2.5's will be available on June 12th, with no information in my order about its true availability date or whether or not my order has been processed. At the least, can we have the information on the Fanatec site and in our orders fixed, so we actually know when we'll be getting our stuff shipped to us before we spend hundreds of dollars on it?


  • Yeah dog, they have to manually update that in their CMS which they didn't do on Friday...clearly. I'm guessing the only people that can do that are the sales team or the devs which both are obviously swamped with higher priorities. So we'll all have to see on Monday what happens, if anything. At this point, become apart of the solution (apply for a job), cancel your order or wait. No use in posting about it here, they don't care about their customers feelings, just the transaction and getting you your products.

  • Plenty use posting these stories as they're some of the first results when searching these products on google. Hopefully anyone on the fence about buying from Fanatec will be informed enough to stay the hell away.

    If you cant tell I'm also one that's been waiting, now over a month, for my v3 pedals and csw 2.5 after being personally assured that they were going to be shipped the 12th. Every person thats experiencing these unacceptable business practices should speak up and maybe others will go to a company that can appreciate the customers they have so theyll, you know, stay customers.

    I'm going to be dumping on every single thing I can find that includes this companies name. Every review, preview, event posting, etc. These guys are trash. Plain and simple.

  • there's at least five problems with this.

    1. Their website is doesn't update and they don't care.
    2. They haven't relayed any information regarding logistics, the closest thing they've said is pretty much "Eh, it'll ship when it ships"
    3. There's going to be a massive backstock of orders they have to fill, so who knows when it will actually be back in stock because they don't seem to be taking priority over orders that were placed first.
    4. They don't care.
  • Same is the case with me. June 11th(Thursday) was a local holiday at Bavaria. So I guess everything has stopped for the long weekend. Expecting updates on Monday.

  • I ordered the clupsport elight wheelbase and wheel on June 8th. Still say available on the 12th, but nothing yet. So assuming because it the weekend Im not going to get an email on my order status. But seeing all these comments is getting me nervous especially I paid more for overnight delivery. And two I notice my warranty started on June 8th, which I’m not happy with that already. How can you start a warranty before I receive the product.

  • June 8th....šŸ˜‚

    I’ve been waiting since April 18th

  • Damn, may 12th here just for the v3 pedals and csw 2.5 but April 18th?!

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