Clubsport V1 compatibility

Hi Everyone,

After a few years away from Simracing, I would like to get back into it. I no longer have a computer to run games so I am on the fence between PS5 and gaming PC. I have an old porsche 911 turbo wheel and clubsport pedals. I belive the wheel is only compatible with PC so I am open to replacing it by something newer.

my questions are:

will my pedals work with newer wheels?

will it work for PS5 in conjunction with PS5 compatible wheel?

thanks for your help


  • Yes, if you connect the V1 to a Playstation base thru RJ12 cable they will work normally

  • Your 911 Turbo Wheel is compatible with PC, Playstation, and possibly Xbox, but from 2 console generations ago (PS3 / X360), and therefore won't be compatible with modern consoles out of the box. You could purchase a 3rd party solution such as the DriveHub (approx. $90 I believe) which will allow you to use your wheel with newer consoles. I did exactly this for a few years with my old 911 GT2 wheel and an Xbox One, but don't expect perfect results, as you're basically "tricking" the consoles into thinking that the wheel is compatible, and you're using hardware that modern games were never intended to work with. In my experience, some games worked great, others not so much or not at all.

    Should you decide to buy a newer wheel, Fanatec's latest is the GT DD Pro, which is compatible with Playstation, Xbox, and PC. It's a bit hard to find right now, as Fanatec have been showing "sold out" on their website for some time, but they're supposed to be getting more stock soon. You could also elect to go with the used market, in which case you'll want to look for a PS version of the CSL Elite, or a PS version of the DD1 (which you could also buy new, but is also your most expensive option).

    Regarding pedals, I'm guessing you probably have a set of the original Clubsport pedals (v1) if you bought them around the same time as the 911 Turbo wheel. These use an old PS/2 type connection to connect to the 911 wheelbase, which is not directly compatible with modern Fanatec wheels. However, you should be able to source a PS/2 to RJ-12 adapter cable either directly from Fanatec, or 3rd party and that will allow your pedals to work just fine. (I'm actually still using my set of v1's with a CSL DD that I bought recently in 2021, and it all works great together.)

  • Thanks for the thorough answer, gives a lot of good options to look at, much appreciated!

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