Clubsport 1.5 Shifter - Metalic sound in gears 3 & 4

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I just got the Clubsport 1.5 Shifter, and I'm noticing an annoying noise between gears 3 and 4 toward neutral. It is a kind of metallic "Click", which does not occur in any other combination of gears. In sequential mode, the sound is even more pronounced.

Is my unit faulty? Should I contact Fanatec?

I have attached a link to dropbox with a video of the problem, although it is not as noticeable as in person.

I will appreciate any help, Regards!


I have found other examples on the net, with the same problem:


  • I have the same sound coming from gears 3 and 4. The shifter works fine so I would not say it's broken, although this sound is a little bit annoying.

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