Can I use the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro without the boost kit?


I was wondering if I can use my Gran Turismo DD P DD Pro without the boost kit? It seems I only got the boost kit and no other power supply? So currently I can only use it with 8Nm boost kit only, if I can use it without the boost kit then how do I connect it to my pc without the boost as I dont have a power supply besides the boost kit. There is nothing wrong with the boost kit Im just curious.

Regards, Erik


  • Yes, you could use the smaller 90W PSU just fine if you get it.

    Currently the Base is only sold as 8Nm with the Boost Kit, so you cant get the smaller PSU from Fanatec directly atm.

  • Ah ok so the 90W PSU is not soldseparately?

  • You can set the FFB value to 67%. The engine is the same only that in the basic version it is 33% less powerful. You would get the same driving experience.

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    Actually the value would be 62 or 63 (mathematically correct is 62,5). But even with the mathematically same FFB strength setting it would feel different because the Boost Kit has Holding Torque capability of 6Nm where the small PSU only has a Holding Torque capability of 4Nm, so in a Situation where Holding Torque is important you would get more strength with the Boost Kit compared to the small PSU even when used with the 62 / 63 FFB strength which would equal the Peak Torque capability of the small PSU.

    So the driving experience with the Boost Kit when used with the mathematically same FFB strength of the small PSU still would feel better / stronger in Holding Torque situations.

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