Fanatec Podium F1 DD

Hello fellow racers!

I have been using the Podium F1 wheel for PS4\5 for around 3 months, and i noticed at the start some weird behavior.

After first startup, i ofcourse had to do some adjustments so it would fit my style and preferences, but every now and then when i exit out to menus in GT7 and go back to track, the FF is increased, without me adjusting anything. This issue fixes itself when i either enter the pitlane and change tyres, or exiting to menus and re-entering again. After that it all goes back to normal. This also happened earlier, but not to this degree.

I am using a PS5, with the newest firmware on my fanatec equipment, and everything else is up to date.

Not sure if this is either a ID10T issue, firmware issue, my settings causing the issue or the talking between GT7 and fanatec on PS5.

Anyone else experienced similar behavior?


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