DD1 having so many issues

Received my DD1 finally today. Got it all mounted and turned it on. Went through the automated update and it somehow screwed everything up. Would not even detect I had a steering wheel and no lights from wheel. Kept saying wireless update ping failed over and over. Downgraded to earlier firmware and then updated to newer firmware again. Finally got the wheel to turn on and work in game but no vibration or force feedback. And when turning on the wheel it just goes crazy spinning super fast and then says wheel has gone the maximum rotations allowed and must be powered down. Waited a month to get this and have a feeling my base is a dud.


  • With a WQR issue you need to contact the support

  • Wheel base and motor both show 3.0.0

    wheel shows 45

  • Was able to update everything and wheel is recognized. All on current firmware. New issue is wheel only spins one direction on start up and selecting motor calibration never completes correctly. The base will spin one direction 10-20 times vibrate and shake a bunch and then just sit there and vibrate. Have to turn base off to get it to stop. Could my position sensor be bad? Anyone have any ideas? Started a support ticket but haven’t heard anything for a few days.

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