CSL Elite V2 - Brake Calibration LC Won’t Hold

hello everyone. So I’m about 4 months into my Csl elite v2 pedals and started noticing a 1-2% input coming from the brake without touch. I went into fanatec control and recalibrated the brake (which does show 2-3%). This will reset to the proper 0 calibration. This will work until I turn off the base (CSL Elite) then the 2-3% will come back after I start up again.

any suggestions on getting the calibration to hold?


  • You need to calibrate the pedals in the manual mode in the driver with slight pressure on the Brake pedal so it is calibrated with a small deadzone to prevent what you experience.

  • I have done that every time and it does not hold. I do run fanalab also, could that be causing it? I

  • No. FanaLab has nothing to do with a pedal calibration.

    Maybe you should calibrate with a bit more pressure on the pedal. I always calibrate the brake pedal with 5-7% brake input to have enough deadzone so such an issue never comes up for me.

    If you still get the issue with a calibrated deadzone of 10% or so I would contact the support as most likely your hardware is then damaged.

  • I had this issue with my old CSL elite v1. It was grounding issue. Back then i had a steel handmade rig. It could be the same issue.

    Try to ground your rig to a heat radiator.

    An other solution should be a couple of ferrites on the cable that goes from the wheelbase to the pedals. One ferrite a couple of inches from the wheelbase plug, and an other a couple of inches from the pedals plug.

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