Slew rate filter

Would it be possible to have this added in the next driver because ever since iracing's updated the bumps and curbs the DD1 is far too violent and chatty.

The reason why is the rate of change of FFB for these bumps is massive and the DD1 seems to have a really high slew rate so it actually is able to communicate that to the wheel.

The other filters can calm this down but since they work even for low rates of change of FFB ramping them up has unintended consequences and just aren't suitable. e.g. Take these two filters

Slew Rate = f2 = f1 + min(s, destF - f1) where F1=5 and DestF=10 and s=1, The result would be F2=6

Damping = f2 = f1 + (DestF-F1)*d where F1=5 and DestF=10 and d=.5, The result would be F2=7.5.

Damping would be initially faster but never get to DestF. Slew rate however would get there in 5 ticks


  • Isn't this NDP?

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    Many people seem to not know how Software development goes and that adding new features like this will take a LOT of time as ressources are very limited... So regarding your question if this can be added to the NEXT driver the answer is a definite no.

    The Interpolation Filter is acting like the reconstruction filter on other bases and essentially already does what you requests in combination with NDP. And that Filter is doing it's job absolutely fantastic, better than the smoothing filter which iRacing added in their latest season Build.

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    Bollocks. I used to make games. Adding this will literally take about 5 mins.

    In fact I have pretty much resigned myself I am going to have to add it to irFFB.

    The new update to iracing's curbs and bumps has made the DD1 practically unusable. If Fanatec don't care that their main wheelbase is unusable with the biggest online sim racing title then that's their choice.

    I'm already thinking about flogging mine and getting a simucube 2.

    None of the filters do what this does. Look at the equations. This caps the amount the FFB can move in one tick but doesn't prevent it moving all it needs to when the amount it needs to move isn't high.

    The other filters basically create an exponential curve. This is linear. If you don't understand the difference don't comment.

    If you have damping at 90% and the jolt is 10NM in one tick then you still get 9NM of a jolt. This caps it to something reasonable.

  • I'm totally fine with the curbs, still feels perfectly fine.

    So the DD1 and DD2 are definitely not "unusable".

    I dont see any need for another additional filter which WILL take months to develop for all the different bases with the limited ressources available atm. If at all then this is something for the far future, definitely nothing for the "next" driver.

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    Well I am certainly not alone. I guess I will probably end up selling my base and all my wheels.

    Shame because I liked the DD1 until this even if I always felt it was a little too chatty.

  • I'm a software developer, and if you are writing a low level code for some equipment, it's different from writing some application that runs on Windows. You have to thoroughly test new firmware (software on a device) in all possible scenarios.

    I would also like to see more functions on my wheel, like making mappable analog paddles as digital input. In theory, you could do this in software. That would be a very useful new function, but I know these wheels are "done" and they will not be getting any new functions, only little hotfixes here and there.

  • To be honest I don't even understand why the slew rate wasn't already in the main features list. The curbs in iracing are a huge problem with some cars, due to the funky physics behind that game, which is fairly inconsistent. So, no, you are not alone.

  • Have you tried the new slew filter in iRacing that came with the 2023 S3 update? It's found under the "smoothing" feature in the UI. I run it at 100% on my 8Nm and find it to be excellent.

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