CSL Elite WRC wheel on CSW2.5- Fanatec mode on ps5

Hi Guys,

Have a weird issue when using this wheel via drivehub on my Ps5 for GT7.

When in Fanatec mode, in game or in ps5 dashboard the curser or arrow selector will keep moving to the top right hand corner of the screen (happens in all menus).

When driving it's like the look right button is engaged and I'm unable to get it to point straight to drive normally. I updated the firmware on wheel/CSW2.5 but still same issue in this mode.

Removing the wheel and swapping it with my F1 wheel the issue is gone.

Fanlogic mode seems to be ok except am not able to use handbrake and has heaps of oscillation.

Is there anyway of factory defaulting the steering wheel or have I accidentally entered into some weird mode on the steering wheel as the CSL elite works fine on PC.



  • I'm having the same problem on my csl elite on Xbox through drivehub. Have you found anything yet?

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