No function of wheel after dd1 is powered on then off

I got the dd1 f1 bundle this last weekend, updated all the drivers before using it, like they wanted, no when i turn the base off then back on, none of the wheels work until i disconnect and reconnect the wheel and when i do that iracing loses all the settings, is this a bug with the latest firmware? Ive checked multiple times and all my drivers are up to date


  • My Podium DD1 is the same way. I am a PS4 console racer tho. Whenever I power up the DD1 I have to disconnect and reconnect the rim. But all wheel set ups and game settings are retained. YMMV

  • It if weird, it doesmt switch out of pc mode, but i cant toggle the high torque or use any buttons until i disconnect it, and i had a csw 2.5 that never had an issue with anything like that

  • I have a csw 2.5 and it never did that either. I'm having the same experience. It's not that there's something wrong in my mind, it's just that it requires the extra step of removing and reinstalling the rim to get the wheel base to respond.

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