Falls input from clubsports V3 pedals

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Dear Fanatec,

Since a couple of weeks I had problems when pushing in races that the car was acting strange and sometimes stopped in the middle of the track for no reason. When checking the brake I found damage on the aluminium part inside the moving part af the brake. (picture)

But even after fixing this the problem stayed the same. My clubsport V3 are fixed on a sim-lab evo 1 rig. I play at this time only on PS5 so manually adjustedment is not possible. When I look at the pedal input on ACC you can see clearly the falls input of the braking pedal. At this point I have tried everything but the problem stays the same. 

Do you have any solution to fix this problem, it's impossible to use the pedals in any type af racing. (problems are the same for ACC and GT7).

I want to make the switch from PS5 to PC around april. I can't update the pedals because I have no PC, only apple computers. (would be great to be able to update from applecomputer). But for now I need to get my pedals fixed.

Kind regards



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