Calibrating V3 pedals inconsistency

So I moved some stuff around on my setup, requiring me to unplug my pedals. Sadly, when I plugged them back in, the calibration is completely different. In the menu where you can set the brake force on the lowest setting I'm not even able anymore to reach more than 60% even tho before I could reach 100% with 50 brake force.

So I was forced to use the manual calibration (seen below) where I can't tell what I'm doing other than vaguely set a max and a min.

What I'm getting at is why is there not a number here that we can type, so we can fall back and use the same number if the settings were to reset. It's upsetting that I now have to get used to a “new brake pedal”.

Also, how come that when I change the slider in the picture above, so I can set brake force that I can not even reach 100% brake on the lowest setting (Min and also tried 1) even tho before I could?


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