GT DD Pro oled display not working

Hi everyone,

I just bought a GT DD Pro and the oled display of the steering wheel and the led doesn't work in rFactor 2.

After read some post in this and another forum I try some things but nothing works...

I enabled telemetry and Fanalab game LED/Hardware support in Fanalab and I receive message that all it's success... I load the profile in the game like said the message from enable Fanalab game LED but does not work...

I look for the folder with the plugin podiumrfactor and it's ok. I look for too the UserData/Player/Controller.JSON and I set "“Use Additional Hardware Features”:true," and false too, nothing works.

The only thing that I can't do it is eneable Fanatec led in the game like I read in other post but this option I don't find it so I can't do it.

So, Could anyone help me please?



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