CSL LC losing calibration


I've recently bought a DD Pro (8) with LC pedal to use on GT7 on PS4 Pro.

Updated and calibrated, all good for the first hours.

Then the brake pedal started to essentially stop working. It still registers input, but the necessary pressure is incredibly higher. Say, at the beginning to x pressure there 100% brake input and later to x pressure there 5% brake input.

If I turn off and on the wheel, it will be fine for a couple of minutes.


  • Hello , I have the same problem. I just receive my csl pedals + loadcell, it work fine for 2 o 3 days and now it loose calibration.

    Do you find a solution ?

  • Yep same here.I run them on the xbox 1 s and every time i power it up brake feels like digging yar veins out with a spoon its terrible. So yer gotta plug it im the lappy n go manual calabration and yer then it works fine I love the feel off them when they are behaving im so much quicker then on the old 920.. just a royal pain in the ass but yer do these clowns even reply to any post on here.... they seem very quiet...

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