Clutch bite point not working with formula v2 with advanced paddle

I wonder if this has been solved, since I have seen posts in the forum about this matter, but never seen the solution.

I am playing F1 2019 with a DD2 and the formula v2 with podium advanced paddle. It seems not working as described.

1) I mapped the left golden paddle in the game as clutch (letter "o" in the setting).

2) I set the center dial to "A".

3) Pushing both golden paddles I see the "100" value in the display in the wheel.

4) Releasing the right paddle, the number goes away. I keep the left paddle pushed-down the whole time.

5) I push the right dial up or down and the "100" is back.

6) Putting 1st gear, full throttle, my F1 car starts rolling, like the clutch is not engaged.

I was aware that the bite point setting did not work with the advanced paddle in F1 2019.

I hope this has been solved!

Please, FANATEC community, help a poor nerd trying to have some fun with this expensive gear!!!


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    F1 2019 does not support axis as clutch, that's the reason the Clutch Bite Point isn't working in that game because the game only knows on/off for the clutch. There is nothing you can do, it's just not supported by the game (btw also not in F1 2020).

  • Thank you Maurice, I appreciate your timely reply.

    That's a bummer. This wheel with the podium advanced paddle is advertised as "fully compatible" with the Codemaster F1 game...

    I am training for Singapore, with dozens of hours already spent in lapping.

    This is my first F1 race with the FANATEC gear, after switching from a Logitech GT Driving Force GT.

    Image the traumatic experience to my poor wallet! Plus, the time to adjust.

    Now, I do not know how to start a race. I am concerned because the car rolls while accelerating with the clutch pushed-down.

    Should I also push the brake pedal at start?

    I guess I'll discover how to do when I star the actual race...

    Very disappointing from FANATEC!

  • You should not be disappointed from Fanatec but from Codemasters!

    Fanatec can't implement what the game doesn't support. Please raise you concerns to Codemasters, maybe they switch to a different engine which allows an axis to be mapped as clutch sometime in the future.

  • Thank you again, Maurice.

    I understand that the issue is on the Codemasters' side. I'll write them as you recommend.

    However, there is an issue with advertising here.

    "Fully compatible" is misleading. If the game does not support an axis to be mapped as clutch, this is an incompatibility. Even if this incompatibility is caused by Codemasters and not by FANATEC.

    I have not seen any warning in the Podium Paddles instructions.

    I have spent hours searching for this, ending with your kind reply after searching online, re-watching the Sim Racing Garage, Boosted Media, and the Fanatec YouTube channel.

    Lastly, I created a profile in the FANATEC forum.

    I cannot believe I am the only one frustrated by this. FANATEC is hiding in this case, while this should have been transparently disclosed in the site and instructions.

    Anyway, thank you for your explanation, Maurice.

  • From a very quick search.

    It doesn't say fully compatible with all games.


    The Podium Advanced Paddle Module is compatible with Fanatec steering wheels such as the ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2018, ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2, and ClubSport Universal Hub for Xbox One.

    F1-Style Dual Clutch Paddles

    Add two analogue axes behind your steering wheel; use them for optimising launch starts, configure one as a handbrake, or even drive without pedals.


    The paddles allow for four different modes (on supported steering wheels): F1-style clutch bite point mode, clutch/handbrake mode, brake/throttle mode, and mappable axis mode. 

    F1 style Dual Clutch Paddles:

    • Adds two analog axis to your steering wheel
    • High-precision contactless hall sensor with unlimited lifetime
    • Allows 4 modes on steering wheels which are supporting this feature:
      • F1 clutch bite-point mode which can be adjusted and saved in Tuning menu
      • Clutch/handbrake mode
      • Brake/throttle mode
      • Mappable analogue axis mode
    • Solid metal construction

    But actually you are right to be honest .

    FANATEC should have a warning "limited to the game capabilities".

    Exactly the same like the ones when you buy coffee that says on the cup "caution HOT". 😇

  • Thank you Alexandros,

    Fanatec should simply disclose that the clutch paddles do not work on Codemasters F1 games because "the game does not support an axis to be mapped as clutch".

    Maurice said it perfectly!

    I imagine the meeting where a Fanatec stakeholder proposed this language and some corporate leader refused because it is not appropriate for the partnership with Codemasters.

    I love the US corporate industry!

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    Not 100% true.

    F1 2019 has a real clutch axis that you can bind. But this is only used on older vintage cars that still have a H-patern shifter and need to use the clutch and you have set in the settings that you want to manual shift + clutch. This clutch axis is found more at the bottom of the bindings page.

    For newer cars it is indeed not working and the clutch is just handled as a button (Clutch binding at the top of the page).

    It are 2 different functions/buttons in the binding menu.

    It's a shame that Codemasters doesn't correctly implement this so it can also be used on newer cars for the starts etc. F1 2019 is maybe a bit to arcade to have this feature.

  • I was wondering the same about old F1 championships in the game.

    Funny to see your comment about the the Codemasters F1 being "too arcade". This tells me that it is time to switch to r-factor 2, or automobilista 2 (pre-release).

    Maybe I do not need to buy F1 2020!

    Thank you for your input

  • Yes they want to make the game accessable for a large public even people that use a controller.

    It's a reason games like Rfactor 2, Automobilista, iRacing are not as populair under non simracers.

    Here the names of the binding functions when you have set Assists for "Gearbox" to "Manual with Clutch":

    • Clutch (Used for start of newer cars)
    • Manual Clutch (Used on older cars)
  • I know this selection option in F1 2019. However, if I bind the "Manual with Clutch", would not I need to use the clutch every time I switch gear?

  • Yes, so with dual clutch paddles not really usable.

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    Used this video to make it work in F1 2019 ...

  • Thank you both, Maurice and Michael!

    It was a no so easy task anyway...

    I first tried your method in a time-trial, but it did not work. As matter of fact, it seems that the clutch engages ONLY if it is requested by the game, in other words at starting a race and when leaving the box.

    I eventually set it to 20, as recommended by Michael's video, and then started a race.


    However, I have the feeling that it still works on-off only, meaning that I do not feel that the clutch disengages smoothly while releasing the paddle. On the contrary, it seems that it stays at 20% until fully released.

    Please, let me know if I am correct about it.

    Anyway, I am happy that at least it works this way.

    Thank you again!

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