Intermittent wheel inputs depending on wheel position issue

DD1 with V2 formula wheel and APM, tried both 352 and 365 drivers and updated everything to the correct firmware versions. Fanalab 1.23 and 1.24.

I'm having an issue where all buttons on the wheel misfire when the wheel is turned 30-40 degrees to the left. So gear changes on certain circuits are driving me crazy.

It seems to be some kind of interference because the APM clutch paddles input also gets all weird instead of being linear when you press it.

Does anyone had this kind of issue? I'm looking for some info here since the support page on the website directly link to the FAQ and doesn't let me contact fanatec directly...


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    Yesterday, for the first time, I had issues with missing gears while trail-braking. Now, it makes me think that it was while the wheel is turned into the turn.

    Very annoying, since down-gearing is necessary for engine-braking, and when missing gears the result is overshooting a turn.

    I have the Advanced Podium Paddles too.

    If persisting, I can try to re-install the old original paddles and see if this issue is stills there.

  • I also went back to the default paddles of the v2 wheel and the issue persists. So it's probably related to the wheel connection to the base or something inside the base.

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