Xbox Series S not recognizing wheel

I have a csl dd pro with the WRC wheel. everything updated as far as possible. when i turn the xbox on it works properly. once i launch a game, the game says i need a controller to play and will not recognize the wheel at all. I have reset it. tried all usb ports on xbox. tried cloud gaming, downloaded games. I tried Forza Horizon 4 & 5, WRC, F1, Hotwheels, Dirt Rally 2.0 and others . when I power the system on the wheel flashes 1.01 then goes back to 1.00.

Ive tried different setting in fanatec controll app, configured the wheel. all buttons work in app when plugged into PC

I also have the GT wheel the I can use on PS4 and everything works perfectly.

Please help! Tech support has been slow to respond with little to no help.

I Plugged it in earlier and the wheel began joggin in place/shaking. then it went away after plugging it in to a different usb on computer.

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