DD1 on Win11 not showing up in FanaLab

Hey guys, been using my DD1 for a long time with no issues on Win10, built a new system on Win11 and it looks like FanaLab won't show the image of the wheel base or any of it's settings, however it does work in games.

I have tried all solutions I could find with no luck (public/beta drivers and Fanalab, reinstalls, restarts, different USBs, different wheel etc.).

Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!


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    Is the base properly recognized in the Driver UI?

    Also which driver do you have installed?

  • I'm having this problem suddenly as well. Was working last week and went to use it today and it doesn't show up in Fanatec Control Panel even after trying different USB port, driver 447, driver 450, reinstalls, repairs, etc. The wheel works in game but doesnt respect any of my fanatec control panel dead zones and such and isn't recognized.

  • Maurice answered in another thread and after examining the driver it looked like I was behind on my firmware updates. He suggested I do the firmware updates first but, sadly, that went wrong and right now the wheel is stuck in CAL mode with fan on 100% so maybe wait for a bit until we figure it out, I will post the solution here.

  • Update on this one is eventually got it working, it was the firmware updates that did the trick in my case.

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