DD Pro force feedback drops low instantly when steering through center position for chicanes

Hello all,

I have had my DD Pro bundle since launch and been running close to the recommended settings from Fanatec for GT7. Had to tweak the damping and one or two others as I dialed everything in. I have noticed that when I need to steer the car from left to right or right to left, through a chicane for example, that when the steering wheel approaches the center steering position as I am transitioning directions, the force feedback seems to drop out instantly and then picks back up as I go through the center steering position. This causes a significant jerk of the wheel because I use a lot of force feedback and almost as instantly as a light switch, the feedback will go very low as I approach the center steering position and then pick up as I go to the other side of it.

Has anyone experienced this? Any way to smooth out the force feedback so it is not strong, super light, and then strong all a sudden when you are cross through the center steering position?

Feedback greatly appreciated!

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