Podium DD2 keeps shutting off mid race xbox series x

As the title says my DD2 keeps shutting off mid race on xbox series x. Last night I downgraded the firmware and reinstalled the latest firmware hoping it would fix the problem for today and got the same results as last night I have power cycled it several times last weekend when it did this. It doesn't do this when I am connected to my pc.


  • Lately I've read about some people having this problem, base DD1 or DD2 that shuts down during the game. Unfortunately, however, none of them shared the solution.

    It could be a case of electromagnetic interference. If you search this forum for "EMI" you might find some possible fix. Unfortunately, I don't know how much it will help.

  • I'm having the same issue on PC. I thought I had it solved, and then boom, another race, another wall.

    It seems if to loose power, not USB connection. I thought it might be the emergency stop button, and after unplugging, I could still have power failure.

    I'm starting to lean towards bad power supply.

  • This is happening to me on PS5 with GT7 w/ DD1. The power supply has a loud whine, does anyone else have this as well?

  • "Coil whine" is the typical sound similar to a continuous musical note, caused by the vibration of the coils crossed by current at specific frequencies. Annoying but has no impact on performance.

    It has nothing to do with wheelbase shutting down suddenly.

    Problems with your wheelbases are likely due to interference from a bad grounding system.

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