ClubSport V2 Base stuck in bootloader


I got the following Problem:

I built a new PC and so Installed the latest driver 450 for my CSW V2 with the Formula V1 wheel.

I got no FFB in ACC so It thought I should go back to the last released driver. Somehow i ended beeing stuck in the bootloader mode with the base (constantly flashing blue). I installed the 447 driver and tried to flash the frmware but the process is getting stuck in the state as shown in the screenshot.

I can`t turn off the base or do anything else. Also the Fanatec Controll Panel wont recognise the base anymore. Is there anything I can do or did I just f* it up?

Thank you for any help.


  • In case anybody gets the same problem, I solved it by flashing the firmware from a different PC.

    Im not 100% sure but i think there are problems if the base is conected to usb 3.0 or higher. With my Laptop and USB 2.0 it was done in seconds.

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