Podium F1(PS5) - High Torque disabled for swapped wheels

Hi Guys,

A new issue came to me recently:

The Podium F1 works well with my PS5 currently on high torque with torque key plugged, until one day I kind missed the feeling and touch of a round wheel so I swapped the wheel of GT DD Pro (wasn't updated before) on it.

After plugging it in, the wheel base display immediately show wording "Torque is reduced to prevent damage on the steering wheel". I tried to remove the torque key and re-plug it in, situation is still the same, no high torque is allowed.

Couple of days later I purchased a new Fanatec WRC wheel, and the situation is exactly like the wheel of GT DD Pro, no high torque is allowed.

Any of you have any thoughts on this issue please? Do I need to do upgrades on the wheel separately or did I do anything not exactly right as what it should be to cause the issue?

thanks very much in advance!


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