F1 Esport V2 Wheel - Rev Lights Issue in GT7


I have been a happy user of a GT DD Pro Wheel base and wheel for about a year now.

I just bought and received a F1 Esport V2 wheel as I wanted to upgrade my setup from the stock GT DD PRO steering wheel.

I play exclusively on PS5. I just tested the wheel on GT7 and ACC. Everything seems to be working fine except one thing : Rev lights are not working properly on GT7. They are just blinking/flashing weirdly as the RPM of the car reach the limit, appearing and disapearing...

This problem does not exist in ACC.

I have not been able to try to update the firmware as I have no PC to do so (only a mac)... Do you think it could be a firmwate issue ?

Thank you for your help,



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