Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base (8Nm) Wheel Compatibility

I am looking at purchasing the Grand Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base to upgrade from my Logitech 923. I know there is the GT bundle but I would like to purchase a different fanatec wheel and the V2 pedals. Are any of the wheels Fanatec sells compatible with this base? I was looking specifically at the Clubsport Nascar V2 but it being classified as ClubSport throws me. Any help is appreciated!


  • ANY wheel always works on any Base tin he Fanatec eco System :)

  • While technically true, it's not always quite that simple.

    @Alex - PS compatibility comes from a chip in the wheelbase itself. So by buying the GT DD Pro (which has PS compatibility), you can attach any Fanatec wheel and you'll be able to play on PS no worries.

    If you ever were to decide you want to play on Xbox, it's a slightly different story. Xbox compatibility comes from a chip in the wheel itself. So you can use any Fanatec *wheelbase* with an Xbox, but you must be sure to use an Xbox-compatible *wheel*.

  • depends on what platform you are looking at. If you are looking for a PS4/5 compatible wheel, you need to look out for the PS4/5 ready logo on the item, same goes for xbox. For pc on the other hand, basically any wheel works even if it has ps4 or xbox buttons on it, they will just show up in game as "button 1" instead of square for example.

    tl;dr: For PC, any wheel should work. For xbox or ps4, you will need a wheel compatible with each console.

  • Any racing wheel is compatible with PC and PS (PS4, PS5). The PS chip is on Wheelbase, while the Xbox chip is on wheel. So:

    - If you want compatibility with PS you must necessarily use a wheelbase compatible with PS, and any racing wheel.

    - If you want Xbox compatibility you can use any wheelbase, but you must necessarily use an Xbox compatible wheel.

    - Any wheelbase and racing wheel is PC compatible.

  • any steering wheel works when connected to a PS compatible base. What you are talking about only applies to the xbox

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