Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base (8Nm) doesn't work with PS5


I just put together my Fanatec setup consisting of:

Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base (8Nm)

ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox with ClubSport Wheel R330

CSL Pedals

It works fine with my XBOX, but the PS5 won't recognize it. The PS5 won't react to any of the buttons in the PS5 main menu. In the settings menu of Gran Turismo 7 it says that no steering wheel can be detected.

As far as I have read it should by enough to have a Playstation compatible wheelbase for it to work with the PS5, no matter which wheel is attached. Is that correct? Or do I still need a certain wheel attached to the wheel base to make it compatible?

I already updated the firmware, tried diffrenet USB ports on the PS5 and all the modes on the wheel base (switching through all the colours with the power button).

Are there any secrets to get this started up that I might have missed?


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    You need to press the PS button to assign the wheel to your Playstation account so the PS5 recognizes the device.

  • At first I was puzzled by your advice because there is no PS button on my XBOX compatible steering wheel untill I realized it must be the FunkySwitch with the XBOX logo on it. (That was probably the only button I didn't try previously.)

    Now it also works with my PS5. Thanks a lot! :)

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