Mclaren GT3 V2 Missmatch on Fanalab and FF reduction in corners

Hi, I have the Fanatec Mclaren gt3 v2 steering wheel I recently noticed that in turns the FF gets softer the longer I turn into the turn.

I accidentally had deleted the settings and now I mean it was better before because the FF had a constant strength. Now it decreases in the curve.

In addition, in Fanalab, when I load my setting, it tells me that "Devise mismatch" Steering wheel doesnt match.

Is there any solution for the 2 problems?


  • Sounds like you use too heavy settings which result in clipping and stress on the motor so it reduces the forces from it's Peak output to what it can hold constantly.

    To mitigate this use lower FFB settings or use FFS LINEAR instead of PEAK, then it wont drop anymore.

    Device mismatch messages in FanaLab can be fixed by simply overwriting the file.

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