CSL DD 8nm power loss

Guys my CSL DD 8nm suddenly lost power now it looks like a 5nm, has anyone had the same problem?


  • Did you perhaps inadvertently change FFS from Peak to Linear?

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    I checked it is set to peak and non-linear, my CSL DD has lost about 30% of its strength, on rfactor2 first I had to put a force of max 70% now I have to put 100% to feel some sensation, if I put 70% it doesn't you hear absolutely nothing

  • Perhaps it's an issue with the power supply. When you open the Control Panel, does it show the "Boost Kit 180" branding?

  • Yes, yes, it is detected perfectly, yesterday I had the opportunity to try a friend's CSL DD, I set the same settings on both rfactor2 and fanalab, (100%) fanalab and 85% on FFB inside rf2 and it was really hard to run the steering wheel, with my 100% really much weaker, I really don't understand.

  • I don't know, sounds to me like you have a hardware issue. I would try opening a support ticket.

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    1. Are you sure that Fanalab transmits the settings to the base? Check by pressing the Setup key.

    2. RF2 uses the same window to set 2 different game FFB forces. When you are in the main menu, it sets the global strength of the game, while when you are in the pits of a session, it sets the FFB of the single car. It is possible that you have a low global setting, such as 50%, and an 85% car setting. In this case you would have 85% of 50%, which is about 42% of the strength. This is also worth checking out.

    3. Try another game before opening a support ticket.

  • All very good points you raise. I might also recommend running the game without Fanalab to eliminate that as a possible variable.

  • I did all these tests and no results, tried different simulators and with each simulator my CSL DD lost 50% strength, I contacted the fanatec support service and they were very quick to get me to perform several checks, all to no avail , I also provided them with a video where I show that I drive safely with one hand at 100% ffb both from the fanatec control panel and 100% ffb of the simulator. They created a return label for me to send it for assistance, now my flying base is already on its way to Germany

  • Same problem here. Used to run ACC at 50-60% FFB. Now I run it at 100% and still doesn’t feel it’s enough.

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