Setting up the Fanatec DD PRO for the first time help.

Hi everyone

I am going to buy the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro box set up costing £699 for my playstation 5 and hopefully be able to buy another wheel if needed to play xbox both racing games on console but would like some help or guidance when setting up the device from new.

Now bearing in mind I have a lot of trouble understanding tech stuff so please help if you can as being a slow learner myself.

When it says update the drivers is this a update for the wheel settings like any update of tech ?

I don't have a laptop or a pc myself only android phone and tablets so I assume I could borrow my family old Windows 7 laptop to do the update and is it plug the wheel into the laptop and install the update ?

And lastly I have the Playseat Trophy will this set up fit on the sim I have yet to set up yet for this set up ?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and helping me please

Kind regards



  • To be completely honest, if you admittedly struggle with stuff that's very "techie", Fanatec might not be the best solution for you. Their stuff is great when it works and is all dialed in with appropriate settings, but it can sometimes be difficult to get to that point.

    I might recommend considering something a bit more straightforward, from Thrustmaster or Logitech.

  • if you look at the Fanatec Youtube channel you'll find helpful videos to help you set up your new Fanatec wheel base :)

    If you still need any help, let me know, you're welcome

  • I’ve only recently purchased a Fanatec GT DD, so it was all new to me but you will need a PC or laptop to download the Fanatec Control Panel to update the drivers, (it’s very straightforward with everything connected into the wheel base and the base plugged into your pc/laptop via a USB. Consoles don’t update the Fanatec Wheel Base so when improvements are made to the games or the Fanatec hardware the new driver will keep everything updated for the best experience.

    My only advice is set up a custom profile while connected to the PC/laptop as that seems to unlock more custom settings which can be accessed via the wheel when connected to a console, I was only getting one custom option before with very few choices but since I did that, I’m getting more, also keep a list if you have different setups for various games or individual cars

    With regards to your Playseat Trophy, according to the manufacturer it’s compatible with Fanatec, I have a generic wheel stand which was fine for my old Logitech but I had to drill a few extra holes for the DD as it’s slimmer so didn’t lineup with existing holes and I also wanted the pedals in a different position on the base from the default options

    As for PlayStation/Xbox compatibility, with the GT DD base in PS mode (blue light) it will work on a PS5 even with an Xbox licensed wheel connected, I’m using the CSL WRC wheel for Gran Turismo 7 and with the base in Xbox mode (green light) I can use that same equipment on Xbox….. Forza Horizon 5 is a pain to find the perfect playable balance, hopefully the rally DLC brings some much needed improvements

    Hopefully this has helped

  • Hello im also new to this setup too. I cannot get the drivers to install on my windows laptop! Go's part way into the install and get an error code 2885? not the best start for a new purchase!

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