CSW v2.5 Wheelbase & McLaren GT3 Wheel Centre Calibration Xbox

I need to recalibrate the centre of my wheel but what I have tried does not seem to work. I have tried;

• Entering the Tuning Menu so 'SET...' appears , centering the wheel and pressing 'FunkySwitch' and Xbox buttons simultaneously

• Plugging the wheelbase in via USB to a PC,putting the wheelbase into PC mode and calibrating the centre via the Fanatec Control Paenel

Neither of these have worked and not sure why and what else to try. All drivers/firmware are up to date. Any help would be much appreciated!


  • Depends a bit what you are trying to achieve here.

    As long as you have the wheel in the hands in the center position and it shows centered in the software the calibration worked.

    But don't expect the wheel will be exactly in the center when you are not holding the steering wheel.

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