CSL DD GT Pro goes insane once in-game


I'm facing a weird problem currently.

Once in-game, the wheel goes insane and looks like something is stuck.

Everything is up-to date in the fanatec control panel, and everything works fine in fanatec work panel.

PC Mode enable.

Wheel wont work in Assetto Corsa Competizione, neither in WRC10.

Does this in ACC :

I don't know what to try more... I have unplugged everything then plugged in again, didn't change anything.

Help :'(


  • Check your button mappings. :-)

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    Ok so nice tip, I can see now when I remap a binding, it says now "Fanatec wheel 2", it replaces the older setting "Fanatec Wheel", what the hell is going on ? Why do i need to remap everything and why it did this ?

  • So now, I remapped everything BUT... the "driving" bind... The wheel itself 🤣 Which is... Well. I'm good for drag race but thats it.

    When I try to bind something here, "..." appears, then nothing happens when I'm turning the wheel

  • There are 2 Fanatec wheels, because Fanatec Wheel is detected by Windows as 2 separate USB devices. ACC recognizes sometimes one and sometimes the other and every time you have to remap all the keys and axes. You can create 2 distinct setups, one for Fanatec Wheel 1 and one for Fanatec Wheel 2, to remap keys faster.

    I had this same problem with my CSL DD for the first few months and it was particularly frustrating. I also had EMI issues causing the wheel to constantly disconnect during game, which was effectively making my rig an expensive paperweight.

    When I fixed my EMI issues, the hassle of having to remap keys all the time also stopped. So the two problems were related, or perhaps they were two distinct symptoms of the same disease.

    Specifically, I bought a PCI Express card with 2 extra USB ports that I use to connect the steering wheel, grounded my cockpit, and inserted ferrite clips at the ends of each cable. One of these things, or presumably more than one, did the trick.

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