FanaLab 1.66 Setup Index


is it possible to override another Tuning Menu Setup Index than "1"? I want to load the ACC Profiles in "4" and not in "1".

And another Question:

Is it normal that the assists are always set on 1 TC / 1 ABS ingame?

Thank you for your Help!



  • Yes it is possible, but of course you have to create a custom setup, you can't change the setup index of the default one.

    Just write a name on the "profile name" box and it will create a new profile using the current settings. So to have your profile on index 4, simply select index 4 on the steering wheel and then create a Fanalab profile.

    The second issue, if you use the multi position switch to constant, and leave the knobs at 1, ABS and TC will be 1. Otherwise they will have the value assigned by the setup of the car in game.

    There should be instruction manuals somewhere on the Fanatec site.

  • oh! Thank you so much!! :)

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