Podium PS/Xbox/PC compatible wheelbase

So a couple weeks ago I got back into playing some console games and wanted a little more torque than the 8nm my GT DD Pro puts out only to find out the podium racing wheel F1 is discontinued. I email Fanatec to see if I could get any more info about a higher torque PS4/5 wheelbase but didn't get anything out of that.

I just hope Fanatec or even a competing brand like Moza will sell a higher torque wheelbase that's compatible with both consoles and PC. I would love to use my Simucube but no console compatibility at all and I'm not that interested in the Gimx/Drivehub route. I did think about just getting the DD2 and Drivehub to use with the PS5 but I'm kind of skeptical of that as well.

I see a few listings on eBay for the discontinued Podium F1 but the prices are outrageous for something second hand with no warranty.

Please Fanatec, get back into the high end console wheelbase (specifically the PlayStation) market. The torque of the 8nm GT DD Pro is horrible after racing with something higher than the measly 8nm.

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