F1 22 input lag - FFB gone


I've been using my CSL DD Wheel Base since one week and it was working great all the time. But somehow today I got input lags.

I'm racing and sometimes at the end of some turning the FFB is just gone and as I can see in the game there is no steering input for 1-2 seconds.

Driver is 450 - can't find a later version. Game is up to date as well. I didn't changed anything. Only thing I did today was testing the wheel with Dirt Rally 2.0 and hours after this I wanted to play F1 22 again and then this happened. It happens at almost every turn.

Hopefully someone could help out with this issue.


  • I have about the same problem. After playing GT7 I went back to f1 22. I have a huge loss in FFB. It’s still there but much lower in cornering. Max FFB settings feel easy to drive, like I can drive a 100% race without fatigue. Maybe PS creates Some software glitches when you switched between games while your Wheelbase is on automatic settings. I have tried pretty much everything by now and the only thing left is completely reboot my ps4. I don’t know wether you drive on ps or pc?

    I Will probably have to send the wheelbase back to fanatec for repairs.

  • I forgot to mention that I'm driving on PC.

    But for me it's like FFB is there, i get into a corner and if I start turning the wheel sometime the FFB is just gone and comes back in the straight afterwards.

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