Fanalab auto setup

Do any games use this function? Auto has the default fanalab settings would I be able to see if they was changed by the game software?


  • R3E is the only game which uses the Auto Setup.

    In all other games the default settings would be active.

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    is it possible to get some more information about this feature in R3E?

    Which settings are used, or is something special to do or to look for?

    Or is this feature the reason for the very ransom Jolts in R3E (I have some ransom jolts only in R3E) when the settings are made in the normal (1-5) tuning menu?

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    Michael Hartmann

    PS: DD2 with 450 driver and its firmware.

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    I have no idea what settings R3E uses in auto setup as its a game I dont drive.

    But AFAIK this is only implemented for the CSL DD yet and also only working when using their pre-defined CSL DD preset as baseline.

    So with your DD2 Auto Setup would just use the stock default settings, this feature is completely not supported for your hardware.

    But even if it would then it certainly would not use good settings. I highly recommend to use own settings and forget about the auto setup.

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    TBH I use your settings Maurice for iracing and I use the default fanalab settings for raceroom. I was thinking more for the games that do not have a profile in fanalab just would be a good convenient way to going in the game like for beamng, fh5, ets2 etc without having to start with a guess.

  • 👍 thank you for this information.

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