CSL Elite Thread broken

Hi guys,

I have a CSL Elite PS4 Edition, which I bought on Black Friday 2020.

Last year I had an issue, that the thread inside of the wheel base got loose and started turning with the table clamp = I could neither tighten, nor loosen the table clamp, which made the wheel unusable. Back then I had warranty and I sent the wheel to Fanatec for repairs. Now 10 months later, I have the same issue again but I am now out of warranty. I planned on upgrading to a rig anyway but the only annoying thing is, that I can't get the table clamp of the base now (base is not tightend on the table atm). So would you suggest, that I try to disassemble the wheel to get access to the thread inside of the base (and if so, how can I do it?) or rather send it to Fanatec for repairs (maybe a bit expensive). Long term upgrade path would have been a DD1 but that was planned to be in 2024 at the earliest (even 2025). As a student the financial aspect is important so the best solution would be to get my base fixed, as I am very happy with it. I bought it as a bundle back then (F1 Esports Kit at the time).

Sincerely, Sascha

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