DD2 - [FFB] Overall FFB Strength


I'm hoping someone can help make sense of how the "[FFB] Overall FFB Strength" setting operates on my DD2.

If I set FFB to less than 100%, I still notice the "Motor Data Analysis" display screen on the DD2 shows values greater than what would be expected.

For example, setting FFB to 60% (with FFS set to PEAK), one would think the max force would not exceed 15 Nm. However, I can easily replicate and observe it from the display being at or above 17.6 Nm.

I also tested it with a setting FFB to 75% (with FFS set to LINEAR), which should the same max force of 15 Nm. I replicated the same at or above 17.6 Nm as above. Moving the slider all over the scale and changing the scaling between PEAK and LINEAR has left me confused.

I'm curious what the FFB setting controls exactly. I'm assuming it must be more than just a proportional reduction in force after experiencing this.

Leaving the FFB at 100% and FFS on PEAK, it reaches 26.2 Nm. Changing FFS to LINEAR, it reaches 20.5 Nm. Even taking into account these values, the motor is still producing more torque than expected.

I am running driver 450 with firmware up to date on the hardware.


  • peak will give significantly more than linear at the same % FFB settings. Peak will give you the more harsher jolts and harsh FFB when you hit a curb, bump or get in an accident. LInear will essentially keep the max output at a lower # than peak all being the same.

    So you could put it at peak 50% and still well above 18nm. THink of the % FFB to have guard bands around it. If you set it at 10% it's obviously lower than 90%. In either game you are playing try to see a FFB meter showing what the actual output is, you want to set it so you don't get any clipping (lost of signal) but at a setting you can use. FFBClip is a good app for AC, for ACC you can see the FFB strength in the HUD

    I have a DD1, and I normally have mine set around 40-65% Peak in fanalabs depending on car. Then I adjust FFB in the actual game itself from 50-70% depending on game and how my forearms feel that day.

    A DD1 has a holding power of 15nm and peak of 20nm, you'd think based on the settings I have above I'd be hovering around 4nm most of the time but that is not the case, I see 15nm at the peaks with normal holding around 10-12nm.

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