QR2 replaces QR1

I wonder.

what is the attitude of the Fanatec management regarding the exchange of QR1 for QR2 for free to all existing users who have it, when of course QR2 finally appears?

I mean, Fanatec somehow admits that QR1 and QR lite are their products with an error, and that precisely because of so many complaints from users about that weak point of the eco system. and that's why Fanatec decided to introduce QR2.


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    "for free" ? No.

    QR1 was introduced 11 years ago with the release of the CSW V1. It is working fine and is not an "error".

    The introduction of the QR2 system is just to do something better now as things developed in these 11 years, but 11 years ago this QR system was state-of-the-art.

    You will be able to buy the QR2 if you think the QR1 is not good enough for you.

  • I think that many owners of Fanatec eco systems with QR1 systems would not agree with your statement.

    because clicking and flex is not something anyone wants on expensive equipment like DD1 and DD2 with expensive steering wheels. and the owners of csl DD were not spared either, but significantly less.

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    here I took from another topic a picture where Fanatec support explicitly confirms that the QR1 suffers from a design error.

    "But there will always be a certain noise, which is not otherwise possible due to the design."

  • I have been patiently waiting since the introduction of the never released Bently wheel where they shared the QR2 in detail, using the "canbus" system.

    And they noted it will come to the BMW wheel too, as you cant take a QR1 and put it directly on a BMW gt3 .... soo nice marketing. but where is the QR2?

    They also showed it last year at simexpo!

    I am an early adopter of the DD2, i got it on release, and don`t want to invest more into fanatec eco if i dont belive the QR2 is coming.

    For free? i dont belive so, but at least release it.

  • yes, it is a big problem for many. people just wait and they do nothing.

    unfortunately for Fanatec, because they lose, many users sell off the entire eco system and switch to another or a combination of several. and there is a big choice.

    yeah, it shouldn't cost a big company like Fanatace much to give existing users free QR2 units for their steering wheels, and everyone who would buy new products would have them directly with the QR2 system

    that would be a great marketing move!

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    They already teased the QR2 with the introduction of the BMW GT3 wheel. That was almost 3 years ago already...

    Every BMW GT3 wheel owner also still has the right to a QR2, it was included in the sales of that steering wheel. Most owners of that wheel already are waiting at least a year on the QR2 where they pay for.

    On the other hand you don't want them to make any mistakes in the design, but this is for me also taking to long. Was also early adoptor the DD1 and have it from the beginning. But if my DD1 breaks I will try some different brand. They are also way to silent about the release. It would give a lot more understanding if they would update the customers a bit more frequent. I still have the feeling even this year no QR2 will be released and we are lucky if it comes some where in 2024.

  • when you just wait, it's not good. they have to be pushed and pushed or people will leave

    push push push 😊

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    I did read that customer service had confirmed to several customers a release date of May this year for the QR2 - however Fanatec customer service now seem to be refusing to provide any information regarding its release (so think it will either never be released or most likely next year!) - note I also have an issue with a QR lite that is constantly slipping creaking so was asking about options to replace it.

    Does anyone have experience of using the QR1 v QR lite and will I notice an improvement over the lite?

  • The Lites on both my GT wheel and McLaren V2 slipped. I bought the QR1 for the McL and it's rock solid with the retaining screw in place. Haven't tried it without the screw as I don't swap wheels.

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    thanks - may just go for the QR1 metal then (as I am not convinced the QR2 will ever get released following a chat with tech support) - in terms of the retaining screw did you get one with your QR1 (metal) or can you get a spare (m6 bolt or similar) from a DIY store? (not sure if I have a spare)

  • 1 inch black gasket. Insert it inside the QRlite, using a flat screwdriver.

    If you also need a strip of transparent adhesive tape on the upper prominence of the QR. Nothing moves anymore, and you put the steering wheel on and off without problems.

    QR1 has a similar gasket, that makes the difference.

    In extreme cases, QR-lite disassembly, and removal of part of the internal boss at the end of the thread, so as to be able to tighten the sleeve more.

  • The biggest problem of the csldd is not the qr, it´s the usb connection of the mast, that is a major design flaw, and it's not solved with another qr. 

  • I do not know where the QR1 should be faulty, my Formula V2 is rock solid on my base, no wobble or any other unwanted movement

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    It's a matter of tolerances. So yours is rock solid, while mine has a lot of lateral movement. I'm talking about CSL DD with QR1. I could use the screw but I replace the steering wheel, round wheel to formula, quite often so that's not an option. I fixed it easily with a couple of strips of tape to make thickness.

    On the DD1 and DD2 There is a rubber ring that holds it in place, but you still have to screw and unscrew a large ring nut, and conversely, some complain that it takes too much force to remove the steering wheel.

    In short, QR1 is not defective, it's just an old project, born for 4-8 Nm belt-driven wheelbases.

    Tightening locknuts or using screws may not seem like an insurmountable difficulty, but the competitors uses automotive-style QRs that do everything using one hand, and with greater solidity.

    For many people having something that is similar to a real steering wheel on a real racing car is crucial. I would say almost for everyone, otherwise we would still be with the G29. The time has come for Fanatec to evolve its QR.

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