360hz Iracing FFB-update

Will we see support for the recently added 360hz mode of Iracing?

Patch notes:

"Support has been added for the 360 Hz FFB mode provided by some Logitech wheels."

From the developers of Iracing:

So this only works on the new Logitech PRO DD wheel, although I have reached out to other wheel makers so they may add in support as well in the future. And I'm always happy to hear from any wheel manufacturer interested in adding support for this to there hardware.

Basically we run our physics at 60 Hz (based on the real world clock) but internally we run the physics in an inner loop at 360 Hz (based on the sim clock). So we can't actually update the wheel more than 60 times a second, although we do have data points available at 360 Hz.

This is a back door that allows us to send that 360 Hz signal to the wheel 60 times a second, then the wheel firmware can play back those samples, with the appropriate delays, to recreate the 360 Hz signal. This adds 16 ms of latency but gives a nice kick in frequency, it is a trade off. This is really no different than irFFB, other than it is faster (less latency) and it is baked into the sim so you don't have to run a separate tool to make it work.


Simucube already managed to ship what Iracing needs. Will we see a timely adoption?


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