Why is it so hard to find warranty of products?

They are intentionally hidden and its not worth the hassle just to hide a few undesirable numbers.

You can see clear as day the 3 year and 5 year warranty on DD1/DD2 but the CSL DD on the AU store has nothing listed, the default warranty is 1 year so I am guessing it falls under that, however when you go to purchase the DD it shows the warranty for these wheelbases.

But it seems like this 2 year warranty is a mistake and not something I can rely on? Why would the 5nm be 2 years and 8nm be 1 year? Its running that much harder, I don't think so, especially since you can buy the upgrade kit.

Reading on the forums I saw EU gets 2 years on CSL DD and NA gets 1 year, why skirt the laws and have a question mark on your reputation. Guess they don't care since these concerns have been 10 years now and they are bigger than ever.


  • Gagaryn .Gagaryn . Member

    I'm no Fanatec defender but you've got this upside down.

    They are not skirting laws, but grudgingly abiding by them.

    They want to warrant products for as short a time as legally required because hardware faults during warranty cost them money. And look at how often people on this forum are told "that sounds like a hardware problem, contact support". Every time that happens it affects Fanatec's profits as they need to spend customer service time diagnosing and repairing.

    And Fanatec are not bigger than ever - they benefitted from the sim racing boom by being in the market already when that picked up. But the market is changed and there are options for consumers now. Their profitability, sales and stock price are all falling.

  • maybe it's time for Fanatec to start making more reliable products, have quality support (say like Moza on Discord) with fulfilling the promised

    (QR2) and I believe that people will recognize that and trust them

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