Clubsport V3 brake pedal showing no input.

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HI I'm looking for some help please as I think I may have bricked my pedals. I recently switched from console to pc and was having some issues with setup so yesterday while the pedals were off the rig I decided to update the firmware on pedals(450). I think I probably inadvertently had both usb and direct connection set up at once which is obviously not good. Currently the pedals are showing up in the control panel, are showing the correct connection and the throttle and clutch inputs are being detected but no brake input. I also cannot manually calibrate the brake pedal at all as instead of showing the click-on icon for setting max braking force it is now showing BRF and I cannot get rid of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

edit. I just decided to try again and lo and behold they are working now. All I done was change back to usb from direct connection which I had done multiple times. Looks like I may have a possible intermittent fault ongoing.


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    I appear to be having the same issue with connection through a DD1 but USB it works fine. I believe this might be a firmware issue. I updated to firmware 450 as well.

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