McLaren GT3 V2 Wheel has just stopped working.

I was mid race on ACC and the wheel just died. The power to the wheel base was still there but no power to the wheel. The lights went out and none of the buttons responded.

I have tried EVERYTHING on the support page. New USB, new drivers, new firmware for the base, manual upgrades. I have even tried connecting everything to a Playstation 5 and it still does not work. No lights, no power to the wheel.

The wheel is still under warranty and less than 3 months old.

Nothing in my setup has changed, it was working perfectly. There is no reason for it to die mid race. The pins on the wheel base are absolutely fine and it is attached to the wheel base with a quick release adapter, the £100 fanatec one.

Does anyone have any ideas of something I may not have tried?

Thank you.

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